A Letter to My Younger Self

Hello Junior High Adam, this is Adam From the Future.

Life may seem bleak now, though things are going to get much better for you in the future.

Your nasty acne will disappear. Your crooked teeth are going to be straight and your braces gone shortly. And all the mean people that put you down... someday you won’t care what their point of view is and you will be able to intimidate them – if you want to ;-)

I know you don’t have a sense of fitting in and that it doesn’t seem like you have a lot of value in the world right now. What if it was ok to not fit in? What if it’s actually better that you DON'T fit in. Trust me, it is.

Somewhere in your world I’m sure you have a sense that living a “normal life” would not be enough for you. Normal is overrated... You are weird and your life will be much greater because of it. You will have adventures and joy and peace in your world that most of the people you know now will never come close to achieving.

Above all, I’d like to let you know is that there’s NOTHING wrong with you. I know it seems impossible, but it’s true. There’s a magical tool you can use to tell what’s true and what’s a lie and it works like this: Anything that makes you feel heavier is a lie and anything that makes you feel lighter is true. Use this tool every day and I promise that everything in your world is going to get lighter and brighter.

You are far greater than you or anyone you know has ever acknowledged. What would it take for you to know it?

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