What can you change that

you never thought you could?

Adam Johnson is a Certified Access Consciousness Facilitator assisting clients in creating the change that they truly desire in their lives - especially in the area of relationships.


Adam graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Michigan and has studied numerous modalities for change, though primarily uses the tools of Access Consciousness in his current practice.


He has been facilitating people using the tools of Access since 2008 as a Certified Access Facilitator. Adam currently lives in Austin Texas.

About Adam

What I love about being a coach!


Christine DiDomenico

I’ve had so much fun working with Adam. He has a way of bringing lightness to a session that just makes me laugh as he facilitates amazing change. Adam has a way of facilitating in a kind, gentle manner while diving into the cesspool of crap that’s creating problems. He has a keen sense of awareness that goes right to the heart of the limitation and then helps you get beyond that limitation to something greater. The tools he shares are so easy to use every day so you go away from a session empowered to use the tools on your own to create even more change.

Cara Franchi

Adam has an exceptional ability to explain and clarify the Access Consciousness material.  I used to find some of the concepts and tools confusing but after attending Foundation with Adam I have a clear understanding of all of the course content. Not only is he articulate, but he is witty and has a great sense of humor. During the verbal clearings and body processes, he was very attentive and kind hearted. I highly recommend any opportunity you can get to work with him!

Becky Vannes

The session opened up a different space for me and my body. It opened me up to a world that allowed me to create for me, helped me to be brave enough to face the brick walls in my life and go beyond them! It opened doors to spaces I never knew it was possible to go.


The invitation this session was to go beyond my reality and that included my body, and my being! I am so grateful I choose this!