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“I did 5 Bars sessions with Adam. I feel like I’ve finally woken up after years of going on autopilot. I’m finally able to sleep through the night without medication and have a sense of enthusiasm and clarity about what I’d like to create in my life that I didn’t realize was possible before… I’m so grateful to have discovered Adam and the Access Bars!” – Samantha

Hi, I’m Adam and I’ve spent a lot of my life looking for what would allow me to have a greater sense of peace and happiness in my day to day living. I used to feel very uncomfortable in my own skin and live in a constant state of self-judgment. I had such a strong need of other people’s approval that most social situations were highly stressful for me. Honestly, I used to think that deep down I was “no good” and I just hoped that other people wouldn’t discover what I actually thought was true about me. Thankfully all of this has changed dramatically since then…

While studying at the University of Michigan, I majored in psychology. I wanted to know how the brain worked and what made people act and feel the ways that they did. I thought that if I studied enough about how it all worked, then maybe I could create the quality of life I was looking for and help others create that too…

After graduating with bachelor’s degree, I had a much better idea of how the brain worked than I did when I began college, though was still plagued by social anxiety and low feelings of self-worth. I wondered what might be out there that could help bridge this gap from where I was to where I wanted to be.

In 2008, I was living in Boulder, CO. It was there that I discovered the Access Bars – a gentle touch modality that was kind of like “deleting the junk files on your computer… but for your brain.” I thought, “if there’s some way of getting rid of the stuff in my head that makes me feel like crap, sign me up!”

I recall that during the first session of Bars I ever received, I spent the first 15 minutes trying to mentally figure out what was going on, then fell asleep and spent the following 45 minutes in a deep slumber snoring (or so I was told). When I woke up and the practitioner that was working on me told me our session was over, I felt noticeably different. It was like I had a new sense of space and peace in my whole world… It felt easier for me to breathe, and as I noticed later on that day, it also felt easier to be me in social situations. I recall looking in a mirror later on that day and noticing that my eyes looked brighter – like more of me was showing up to be seen!

Now I know what you must be thinking, how could just gently holding points on the head create this kind of change? I was thinking that too and was wondering what was going on and whether I was just imagining the results I was experiencing. Now though, I realize that change really can be that easy and can be created whether my mind is a part of the action or not.

After this one session I wondered, what would be possible if I were to do more sessions? Was there more junk to delete or was this all the change I was going to get out of this work? Although I was skeptical about whether what I had just experienced was valid, even more than that I was curious what change might be possible for me if I continued to receive more Bars sessions.

I immediately setup a series of additional sessions with that practioner. He told me that within 5 sessions I would notice a significant permanent change in how I felt and the way I functioned… I found this to be true and was so excited about the changes that I had experienced that I desired to be able to gift this work to others. This led to me signing up for a class to learn how to do the Access Bars. Eventually I progressed to learn how to teach other people this modality and have in recent years facilitated many Bars training classes throughout the U.S. and abroad.

Since the first session I ever received, I have received many many more Bars sessions and have facilitated over 1000 Bars sessions for other people. I have also spoken about the Access Bars on TV.

I’ve discovered a number of issues that can be positively affected through receiving Bars. If any of the following questions apply to you, you may desire to receive Bars sessions too:

  • Do you have difficulty sleeping?
  • Do you suffer from chronic stress?
  • Does negative self-talk keep you from moving forward in your life?
  • Is social anxiety an issue for you in your personal or work life?
  • Do you have any traumatic incidents that keep playing over and over again in your head? (PTSD)

Through my own experience and that of my clients, I have discovered that Bars can create all of the following effects over a course of treatment:

  • Stress relief / facilitation of healthy sleep patterns
  • Elimination of the symptoms of PTSD
  • Increased happiness and energy levels
  • Decreased social anxiety
  • Improved brain performance
  • Enhanced creativity
  • Letting go of the upsets of the past

While dramatic change can occur in a single Bars session, a 5-session series is typically recommended as a starting point for those interested in experiencing the life-enhancing changes that Bars can create. If an optimally healthy brain were compared to a freely flowing river, imagine your brain junk as a dam blocking the river. The first session begins the process of breaking down this dam. Over the course of a 5-session series, this dam of junk can be broken down more and more, allowing for a more noticeable and lasting positive effect on brain health and performance. Beyond that, additional sessions will continue to unlock and enhance brain health and performance more and more.

While my individual one-hour Bars session rate is $175, I’d like to offer a strong incentive for those who are committed to making a dynamic shift in their quality of life by offering a 5-session Bars series for $750 (a 14% discount). This package also includes a 30-45 minute Consciousness Change Consultation as an additional bonus (over $100 value). During these consultations, I provide specific tools tailored that will allow you to get even more change out of your Bars sessions.

You will get get 5 Bars sessions and 1 Consciousness Change Session (a total value of $875 for only $750 – a total savings of $125)

Introductory Access Bars Package ($750):

My rates for individual sessions are:

  • $175/hr for Bars
  • $175/hr for Consciousness Change Consultations

Individual Session ($175):

Here are what some of my clients have to say about their experiences receiving Bars:

“After I had a severe auto-wreck 4 years ago, I was struggling with symptoms of PTSD. The crash kept playing over in my head and I felt like I was living my life in a perpetual state of fight-or-flight. Since receiving Bars sessions from Adam, my body can finally relax for the first time in years… I’m so grateful to have finally gotten that crash out of my head so I can live again with a sense of peace.” – Marge

“I’ve always considered myself a poor test-taker and was particularly concerned about taking the MCAT – the admissions test for medical school. I was having panic attacks over the test in the weeks leading up to it and a friend told me about Bars. After several Bars sessions with Adam, my anxiety levels dropped substantially. When the big day came I was calmer than I was expecting to be and actually did better on the real test than my practice tests. I plan to continue getting Bars sessions during med school to help manage stress.” – Andrew

“Last year I went through a rather nasty divorce and things got so highly charged that it seemed like having a reasonable phone call with my ex-wife over anything to do with our children was an impossibility. I felt tangled up in knots over the whole thing and really wanted nothing more than to be able to move on with my life and be the best father I could be… After doing Bars sessions with Adam, talking with my ex has become noticeably less stressful and my kids say I look happier. With a little bit of luck, maybe my ex will try Bars too!” – Steven

“I am a jazz musician and have spent many years exploring methods to be more present and creatively potent onstage and in the recording studio. For many years I used Transcendental Meditation to help me be a better artist and there’s no doubt in mind that it helped. I’ve also done yoga and EFT and those have helped me as well. I must say though that NOTHING has made nearly the level of change in enhancing my creative flow than receiving Bars sessions from Adam. My solos have greatly improved and my mind is clearer than it’s ever been.” – Chris

“Working as an analyst in the hedge fund world, I would describe the level of stress that I’m under on a normal day to day basis as especially high. I used to handle this stress with heavy alcohol use outside of work, which definitely came with its consequences – including making things at work seeming even overwhelming at times. A co-worker of mine who had received Bars sessions from Adam referred me to him saying that, “it would help keep me sane.” I’m so glad I listened… Since receiving sessions from Adam, my sense of overwhelm at work has decreased to the point where, for the first time since I began this job, I actually have a sense of peace in the fast-paced madhouse that is my workplace.” – Elizabeth


How to get started:

  • Get 5-session series Bars package

  • Or get individual Bars session

  • And/or call me with any questions that you have at 303.819.9063